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Users can choose to receive notifications about activity within ICPlan. To update notifications preferences, go to your user profile by clicking on your name in the top right of the page. Select to toggle on or off from the 3 different notifications alerts and if you would like to receive email notifications. There are 3 different options for notifications: Status Change: Alert for any change to a plan, communication or task that you are assigned too. Assigned: If you have been added or remove...

Logging In

You can log in via your unique company address i.e. ( or ( Once you reach the application log in page you need to enter your work email address and the password that you set when your account was created (password set request will have been sent via email). Click 'Forgot Password' if you have forgotten your password.

User Profile Settings

User Profile Settings' is the area where you can view and update your profile information for ICPlan including changing your password, setting notifications and connecting your Viva Engage account. You will be able to see the locations and business areas you have permission for and what access rights you have for them. Please contact your team admin if you need to update business area settings or locations.

Creating and Managing Users

Owners and admins can control users from the company settings section of the application.Every person who needs access to ICPlan needs to have their own username and password setup. To navigate to the users window, click the arrow in the top right of the screen and select Company Settings from the dropdown. On the Company Settings page select Users on the left of the screen. When adding a user, simply enter the requested details from the drop-down, specifically their: - First and ...