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You can link any files to a plan or communication within ICPlan. Go to the files tab and click add or the + icon, type the name and add the link for the file. Ensure that you have set the correct permission for the file at source so that only the users you want to be able to see/edit it are able to. Once you have added files you can share the link via the 3 dot menu, edit or delete it.

Making Plans & Communications Confidential

If you're working on a confidential plan or communication, you can still enter plan it using ICPlan by making it confidential. Confidential plans and communications are only visible to the owner and team of that plan/communication. All tasks and files associated with the plan/communication will only be visible to the owner and team. Only a plan/communicaiton owner can make it confidential. If a plan is made confidential all the communications within it will automatically be confidential too.

Duplicating Plans & Communications

To duplicate a plan or a communication from the plans & communications page, scroll to the plan or communication you would like to duplicate open up the 3 dot menu and select duplicate plan/communication. A new window will open, select the new dates for the plan/communication and if you would like all tasks within it to be duplicated as well. You can update the title and for a plan you can also update the colour here too. Click duplicate plan/communication button.

Folders, plan colours and why we create plans

The Plans & Communications page is a filing system for all the communications activity in ICPlan, including communications, tasks and any Viva Engage content you put out. There is a dashboard across the top, by selecting any of the filters you can search for everything you're looking for. The hierarchy of how information is stored is as follows Folders: A bucket to store plans within Sub folders: An additional layer to file plans Plans: Plans are created to store communications, all communi...

Creating and Editing Plans

Plans and communications are the backbone of ICPlan and where all the data in ICPlan stems from. Think of plans as the parent, and communications as the children, specifically the activities that take place within the plan could be - Chief Executive Officer blog posts and a communication within that would be January CEO update. Steps to create a new plan To create a new plan go to the 'Plans and Communications' page. Select "Create New Plan" from the top right-hand corner. Fill the ...

Creating and Editing Communications

Steps to create a new communication To create a new communication go to the plans and communications page. Select "Create New Communication" from the top right-hand corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can scroll to the plan for which you want to create a new communication, click on the options icon and select create new communication. Fill the communication fields, further information below: Plan: You must select which plan the communication sits within. Business areas: Select t...

Plans and Communications Filters

Filters allow you to filter the information you see on any page. You can filter by any number of fields including Channel, Owner, Audience and Tag.


Tasks can be added to any communication, or independently. They can be accessed either via the Communication overview by clicking task at the top, from the dashboard on the Plans & Communications page, or via the menu on the left hand side of the screen. To create a new task click on the + icon on the top right of the tasks screen. From here you can assign tasks either to yourself or other users within the plan or communication. Tasks are also visible on the calendar pages by ticking...