Calendar Views


The calendar is where all data within ICPlan is accessible in a calendar view.

Three views are available:

  • Week: All information displayed across a seven day period. If a communication is marked as 'All day' it will display in the upper part of the calendar. It will appear further down if it is marked with a specific time. More information regarding the communication can be found by clicking the communication.



  • Month: All information displayed over a period of a month. The communications display as different colours depending on the colour selected on the plan. Information regarding the communication is displayed when the communication is clicked.




  • Year: All information displayed over the period of a calendar year. The communications are displayed in a heat-map format meaning the more communications planned for a certain day, the darker in colour they get. Clicking the communication gives an overview of the communications and a quick link to that particular week.



Print functionality is available which will export a copy of the calendar view you are on to PDF.

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