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Creating and Editing Plans


Plans and communications are the backbone of ICPlan and where all the data in ICPlan stems from.

Think of plans as the parent, and communications as the children, specifically the activities that take place within the plan could be - Chief Executive Officer blog posts and a communication within that would be January CEO update. 

Steps to create a new plan

To create a new plan go to the 'Plans and Communications' page. Select "Create New Plan" from the top right-hand corner.



Fill the plan fields, further information below:

Business areas: Select the relevant business areas for the plan, you must select all the business areas that will be used on communications within that plan (you'll only be able to select business areas on a communication if it is included at the plan level).

Plan owners and team:

You'll only be able to select users if they have read or edit rights to the business areas included in the plan.

Owners of a plan must have edit rights to at least one of the business areas selected in the plan.

You must include any users here that you want to add to communications within the plan (you'll only be able to select owner and team from users included at the plan level).

Dates: Enter the start date for the plan and either an end date or mark the plan is ongoing.

Other information:

  • Description
  • Objectives
  • Key messages

💡It's a good practice to add as much information as possible here so that you can stay on track with plan objectives and key messages for each of the communications within the plan

  • Status
  • Strategic priorities
  • Budget (admin users only)
  • Files
  • Tags

Any filed marked with a * is a mandatory field and must be completed before you save the plan.

To change the colour of the plan, click on the colour next to the plan name either with the edit pane open on the right or from the plan in the list. Plan colours are set by admins in the company settings, they can be labelled and used to colour code different types of plans e.g. HR comms, CEO updates, or to define strategic priorities etc.

Refer to your governance guidelines as to how plan colours should be used.



In the plans & communications list, click the menu icon on the right of any plan to edit, delete or archive a plan.

You can also duplicate a plan from this menu, duplicating a plan will also duplicate any communications in the plan, and you have the option to duplicate all tasks too.