The 'Analytics' section of ICPlan helps you quickly and easily understand the data within ICPlan. 

There are several elements that make up analytics in ICPlan:

  • World Map: a geographic visualisation of locations for communications.
  • Summary box: a summary of all the data within ICPlan including number of plans, communications, audiences, channels and average communications per month.
  • Most Active Channels: a visual representation of the most used channels within ICPlan.
  • Most Active Audiences: a visual representation of the most communicated to audiences within ICPlan.
  • Most Active Business Areas: a hierarchical list of the most active business areas communicated to.
  • Communications Activity: a bar chart arranged across months showing number of communications.
  • Communications Live Today: the number of communications marked as 'in progress' on that day.
  • Budget: total of all budget data in the system.
  • Most Active Plans: a hierarchical list of the plans with the most communications in.



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